WOW Wednesday!

Where’s my charging cord?

With the 2 in 1 charging lanyard, you’ll never have to ask that question. This charging cable with 2-in-1 integrated tip is also a lanyard, compatible with Android and iOS phones. The swivel lobster clip is perfect to connect your badge too. Only support charging, no…

Coolest Journal Ever

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set is awesome.  Write or Doodle with the provided pen in your notebook and your masterpiece will appear on the app.  Is it Magic?  Nope it’s Moleskin

A promo that is fun, yet challenging

Crazy puzzle game for mental and physical dexterity. Build your own tower… if you dare!

Classic backpack with a weird name

This backpack is suited for school, work, trekking and traveling. The material is lightweight fabric that is able to withstand dirt & wetness.  If you are interested, just ask for the Kanken

Switchblade Cable

The Switchblade Cable is a 5-in-1 cable that has everything you need! Great to hook to your powerbanks with the attachable key chain ring. It’s super compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry in your pocket or purse. This Switchblade Cable also has…

All you need for the summer

This new Duo Bottle with Carabiner combo is sure to be a top pick for outdoor events in 2017.  Lip balm is free of Oxybenzone, and Gluten and it is USA made.

Just Add Water

  We love this bluetooth speaker!  Great for fun by the pool, on the beach or in your shower! Features high definition Bluetooth technology. Pairs with cell phone to allow you to answer calls (but maybe not while in the shower). Up to 3 hours…

WHAT?  It charges my devices and might help save a life too?!?! Who wouldn’t want one of these?  Many safety items like this end up in a glove box or a trunk, which won’t help you when you really need it. Compatible With Most Standard…

wow – a 1 piece minimum!

Custom Video Brochure – check it out here

For The Guys

The patented CollarCard is the world’s first and only credit card sized collar stay holder.  Innovative and practical, CollarCards fit perfectly into a man’s wallet and eliminate the common experience of forgetting collar stays – something every man has experienced and no other product on…